Paikkari Cottage


Paikkari cottage is the birth home of the creator of the Kalavala-epos Elias Lönnrot (1802-1884). The cottage was built by Elias' father, a tailor, around 1800. Originally it consisted of only one room and later it was enlarged with an additional room and a porch. In the cottage you can see an exhibition of items which belonged to Elias Lönnrot, some of them crafted by himself, i.a. his kantele, his book-shelf and his writing desk.

View from Paikkari cottage over Lake Valkjärvi
The cottage is situated close to the beautiful Lake Valkjärvi, and the surroundings are restored to look like they were in the early 19th century, at the time Lönnrot grew up there. 

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Opening hours 2022
From August 7th on, the museum is closed .

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Visiting the area of Paikkari cottage is free of charge, but for the cottage itself a ticket is required. Payment by cash or credit card. The ticket is valid for the whole season and it is also valid for Lohilammi museum. 

Price list
Adults 6 euro
Seniors 4 euro
Groups over 10 persons 4 euro/person
Children visit the museum for free

We accept the Finnish Museum card.

Lohilammi museum
Lohilampi museum is situated 8 km from Paikkari Cottage. In the museum  there is an exibition that shows many of Elias Lönnrot related items.
Address Perirannantie 2, Sammatti

Opening hours 
From  August 9th on, the museum is closed.
For group booking on other times, please contact
or phone 0443694204